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Rambling Rose (6/11) Movie CLIP - Curiosity Killed the Cat (1991) HD

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Rose (Laura Dern) slips into bed with Buddy (Lukas Haas), who uses the opportunity to explore his natural curiousity.

TM&Lionsgate (2012)
Cast: Lukas Haas, Laura Dern
Director: Martha Coolidge
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Producer: Renny Harlin, Mario Kassar, Edgar J. Scherick
Screenwriter: Calder Willingham
Film Description: Rambling Rose is the most part a flashback, related by grown-up Southerner Buddy Hillyer (John Heard). The bulk of the film takes place in 1935, when rambunctious backwoods housekeeper Rose (Laura Dern) virtually invades the Hillyer household. Daddy Hillyer (Robert Duvall), a bed-rock Southern gentleman, welcomes the congenitally amoral but basically goodhearted Rose into his house, carefully fending off her ill-timed romantic advances. But Rose can't help feeling smitten with him; meanwhile, she has also drawn the attentions of 13-year-old Buddy (Lukas Haas). Based on the novel by screenwriter Calder Willingham, Rambling Rose was not the box-office breakthrough that many expected for director Martha Coolidge; though it fizzled financially, the film did manage to secure Oscar nominations for both Dern and her real-life mother Diane Ladd.

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